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Samura1 and Karisma were born in Italy and Slovakia respectively. They were raised in Western and Eastern Europe as well as Sweden and Mongolia for Karisma. Samura1 played in two bands in Geneva as a teen while Karisma pursued a full-on music career playing in many rock and metal acts in Czechia, UK and Europe and teaching bass to students globally developing his own Bass Gym 101 method. He is a Yamaha, Ampeg and Markbass Artist.

Through a mutual friend, Samura1 and Karisma met at a concert and started exchanging riff and harmonic ideas that culminated to the recording of 2 instrumental tracks at Air-Edel studio in Marylebone in 2017 and thus, Punt Guns was born.

The duo was determined to offer a resolutely electronic, industrial pop version of rock music with hooky riffs, catchy harmonies and a cinematic experience. Resolutely outside the “political” etiquette camp, lyrics are philosophical and reflective of human’s uncertainties, introspective paths and qualities that are often forgotten in today’s world.

A few months into crafting Punt Guns, they met Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg who produced the first self-titled Punt Guns album. This collaboration helped Punt Guns create their unique Electronic Rock / Industrial Pop sound and vibes. Recording sessions took place in epic London studios, such as Alan Moulder’s Assault & Battery – NIN, Interpol, PJ Harvey, White Lies … - and Dean Street studios – David Bowie “Heroes”.

As the album was being produced, their music caught the attention of producers Janette Slack’s and Future Funk Squad who collaborated with Punt Guns from the get-go to create powerful electronic / industrial remixes. Punt Guns released 3 singles in Autumn 2019 and 2 remixes by Janette Slack and Future Funk Squad. After a live performance at Brighton Electric, Punt Guns launched their inaugural EP at the legendary Subterania in London with Janette Slack opening for Punt Guns and Hayden Borgars – Fever 333 – in charge of lighting design. More live performances ensued in Winter 2020 with headlining performances at Club St Moritz in Soho, the Amersham Arms, New Cross Inn and a special acoustic night at Yamaha Music London.

As the world came to a halt in early 2020, Punt Guns had to postpone many up-coming gigs in London area, tour in Czech Republic and showcase concerts in Switzerland, but continued unabatedly writing new tracks, releasing singles, recording new tracks and rehearsing their extended live set. More singles were released, more video clips were produced, and more remixes were created by Janette Slack, Future Funk Squad / Glen Nicholls. Punt Guns’ 2nd album is now more than 50% underway. In September 2020, they released “Fantasy Of Hopeless Thoughts”, their first instrumental track, and in October Punt Guns’ first self-titled album was finally released. In early 2021, Punt Guns released the “RMXd” album which consists of remixes by Janette Slack and Future Funk Squad.

The “B1g Bang” and “Cyber Dreams” remixes by Future Funk Squad were played to a live audience by The Crystal Method in the US. Despite a challenging environment since March 2020, Punt Guns are now equipped with a sound that places them firmly in electronic industrial pop rock. Their live set is significantly extended and press reviews for both original tracks and remixes have been encouraging.

Exclusive visuals graphics by Mighty Duck Emblem creator Esteban Ron have helped create the look and feel of Punt Guns. 


Punt Guns live set will include Gaet Allard on drums and Jiri Novotny on guitar and keyboards.


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