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Punt Guns are in the driving seat for 2020

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Since 2017, Punt Guns have been merging together rock, electronica and pop music to create the soundscape for their fearless debut LP. The result of their genre-bending sonic signature is reminiscent of Muse, Justice and Rage Against The Machine. Their 2020 releases include the vocoder infused chorus of ‘3SPOTS’, the anarchic synth lines of ‘Cyber Dreams Future Funk Squad vs Pg’, but our pick of the bunch ‘INsideU‘.

Delving into ‘INsideU’, they noted that “the simplicity of the riff underlines the depth of the message. Don’t look around for happiness or fulfilment. Everything is already within you.” Made up of knock-out riffing that’s met with gorgeous open synth-led escapes, the track pushes and pulls the listener relentlessly. LISTEN HERE ON SPOTIFY.

The vision that Punt Guns share with the likes of Glen Nicholls is likely to propel this experimental duo very far. Their upcoming LP is sure to feature the duo’s characteristic crushing breakbeat loops and apocalyptic ruffs, but it’s also certain to include something unpredictable. We can’t wait to hear it.

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