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Punt Guns unveil their spectacular eponymous album ‘Punt Guns’

Punt Guns’ debut album takes the listener on an otherworldly journey, with a compilation of eight electronic rock and pop tracks, that shimmer with uniqueness, encompassing magnetic instrumentals and powerful vocals. Their apocalyptic sound is sharpened to perfection and their stand-out sci-fi vision makes for a thrilling listen. Their sound has been carefully curated over the past 2 years, and their album showcases their masterful combination of talents that are highly irresistible.

Speaking about the making of the album, Punt Guns said: “We were so impressed with our first recording session at Assault & Battery studio where everyone gelled together that we blasted through four tracks in a couple of hours. The recording process also took us to Dean Street studios in SoHo and after all 8 tracks were recorded we realized how awesome it was to work with world-class producers Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg. It was magical - there was no "work", there was a moment when it all happened with a natural flow because everybody knew what when and how to do this!" Karisma explains:"The recording process - two sessions at Assault & Battery and one session at Dean Street Studios - was marred by magical moments when old Leslie amp would be used for a melody in Who Am I, bass running through Moog synths in B1g Bang or Andy playing grand piano in Most Sacred Thing In The Universe. We also used two drum kits - one huge kit in a big hard rock style production with many microphones around and one tiny drum'n'bass style kit with just two mics." Samura1 and Karisma formed Punt Guns in 2017, teaming up with producers Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg (Simple Minds, Jeff Beck) to create a distinct and striking sound. Punt Guns’ ‘duck-signer in chief’ Esteban Ron creates Punt Guns’ exclusive visual graphics, including the Mighty Duck Emblem. Punt Guns’ album is an extraordinary selection of tracks, and undoubtedly paves the way for a glowing future ahead of them.

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