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Punt Guns Display Electronic Rock Sound In Self-Titled Album

Punt Guns have finally dropped their new self-titled album Punt Guns complete with a collection of cutting edge tracks powered by their electronic rock and pop sounds.

The eight-track album shares their magnetic energy with listeners as they curated a mix of songs discussing their views on a warped reality and intensified feelings. Their apocalyptic, sci-fi views is what drives a genuine connection between them and their fans who enjoy listening to the striking sounds of their anthem-like lyricisms, hardcore instrumentals and commanding vocals.

Creators Samura1 and Karisma worked with world-class producers Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg on this masterpiece of eight songs magically intertwining to tell their life stories.

“I.C.A.R.U.S,” “Cyber Dream,” “Big Bang,” “INside U,” “The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe,” “3POTS,” “Hardest Pill To Swallow,” and “Who Am I” come together to form the unique sounds of Punt Guns that create a musical experience unlike any other.

“Cyber Dream” electrifyingly describes being stuck in an alternate universe without knowing how to get out. The heightened beats of the guitars and drums creates a soothing yet danceable sound.

“Who Am I” bursts with energy-inducing guitar riffs alongside playful indie verses. This exciting and unique single blends their style into one through its sound and range of vocals.

Punt Guns showcases their evolution since their previous releases pave the way for an entertaining time fo everyone who listens. Find their self-titled album on all streaming platforms today!

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